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Friday, 22 February 2013

Zone “R for Wrong” - Hackney Council admits they cocked up!

As previously reported, on the 30th January, Cllr Ian Sharer, brought a deputation of residents to the Council to say that the implementation of the new controlled parking zone “R” in Hackney Downs was Wrong.

The deputation stated that the consultation had broken the government and the council's own rules and asked that it be re-run.

Among the complaints made were that residents were not told the hours and prices for the new zone until afterwards, that rules were changed mid way through, that permits were already on sale and being advertised while the consultation was still open, and before the decision had officially been made.

“cock-up or conspiracy ?”

Asked whether this was a cock-up or a conspiracy, Cllr Sharer said:

“Whether this was an oversight or something more sinister, it is clear that the consultation on Zone R was highly unsatisfactory and has left residents feeling short-changed. Hackney Council need to remember that they work for us and have a duty not just to behave honourably but to be seen to do so.”

Response from Hackney

Responding to the resident's complaints by email, Gifty Edila, Corporate Director of Legal Services for Hackney Council, confirmed that she found evidence of deviation from the Council's Parking and Enforcement Plan when the initial stage 1 consultation was reduced from the published 6 week period in the PEP, to 4 weeks.

Gifty admitted that a number of procedural deviations followed as a result of which the Council will no longer proceed with the current process to introduce a CPZ in the Rectory Road area.  Because of this, there was no need to respond to the detailed list of complaints issued by the residents.

Gifty confirmed that the Council will terminate the current process. And that the entire process from initial consultation will commence at a future date.

Finally Gifty hoped that the Council's response satisfactorily, resolved the issues raised by residents.
Councllor Ian Sharer commenting on the Council's response: "The Council does need to respond to the specific complaints in order to provide a clear and transparent account of how the procedure was breached and how it should be followed in future cases." Ian went on by saying: "The Council, the lead members as well as the ward Councillor's for Hackney Downs Ward have a lot of explaining to do to the residents. Be assured we will be holding them all to account."
(Picture taken from the Hackney Gazette website here)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cazenove Recycling Success rolled out across the Borough!

(Cllrs Dawood-Ebrahim Akhoon, Ian Sharer & Abraham Jacobson)

The orange bag, dry recycling has been such a success in Cazenove that from the 1st of March it will be rolled out all across Hackney.   The only difference will be that the bags will now be a rather fetching green colour.

Commenting previously about the success of this recycling initiative which was lobbied by your Libdem Councillors.  Ian Sharer welcomed the change, saying "This system was desperately needed, which is why we've worked so hard to get it right.  It's great to see that our recycling success will now be duplicated across the Borough."

Abraham Jacobson, agreed: "No more sorting and messing about, plus more recycling means less of your money spent on landfill."

Fellow Councillor, Dawood-Ebrahim Akhoon is very pleased: "More recycling, less traffic and emissions.  This is good for all of us, our planet and less hassle for our residents too!"

You can see the results of how successful recycling in Cazenove has been here

For further details visit the Hackney Council Recycling Website Here

Monday, 18 February 2013

Thanks to your generosity, we raised over £6000 for the Rohingya People of Myanmar!

This was for a fundraising event we organised on the 16th Sept 2012. Much thanks and appreciation go to the Management Committee of Masjid Al Tawhid in Leyton, who without their support and allowing us to use their facilities for the day, we would not have been able to raise these much needed funds for the Rohingya People of Myanmar. 

(Some of our young men from Hackney helping out)

A Northwold-Cazenove Neighbourhood Forum? Meeting Wednesday 20th of February at 8.30 pm.

The Localism Act (2012) allows residents within self-defined areas to establish Neighbourhood Plans for guiding the future development and growth within their area. The Plan may contain planning policies, proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities or allocating key sites for specific kinds of development.

The Cazenove Area Action Group Residents’ Association is interested in proposing a Forum based on the Northwold-Cazenove Conservation Area but with further extensions.

We would like to gauge the level of support for establishing a Forum. For it to be successful it needs to have the broadest support across all sections of the community.

In recent years, community action has improved our environment in a number of ways. Clear examples are the refurbishment of Stoke Newington Common, the campaign for the retention of Clapton Library, the establishment of the Northwold-Cazenove Conservation Area and the routing of the 393 bus along Cazenove Road.

Perhaps you have a project you would like to see come to fruition, something that might fit in to a Neighbourhood Plan.

We are holding a meeting at the Boiler House, George Downing Estate, Cazenove Road (Stamford Hill end), next Wednesday – the 20th of February – at 8.30 p.m.

Come along. Find out what’s involved.  Share your ideas.
For some background information on what’s involved in a Neighbourhood Plan, look at the helpful leaflet from the Locality organisation: ‘Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans’: Here:
Yours sincerely,

Iain Bruce,
Cazenove Area Action Group Residents’ Association

Friday, 15 February 2013

We oppose 24 hour alcohol sales in Upper Clapton, we don't want our neighbourhoods to become magnets for drunks!

(Image taken from the Hackney Gazette)

Cazenove Councillors have objected to plans to open a 24 hour off-licence in Upper Clapton Road.

The Licencing application for “K Superstore”  at 71-75 Upper Clapton Road will come before the Licensing Committee on the 18th February and, if accepted,  will operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It has been strongly opposed by the Police.

Councillor Abraham Jacobson said:

“There are enough drunks in the neighbourhood and we do not wish Upper Clapton Road to become  a magnet for alcoholics from surrounding areas”

Fellow Cazenove Cllr Dawood-Ebrahim Akhoon added: “We should be promoting healthy and diverse shops so our neighbourhoods are sustainable and are there for the benefit of all, and for future generations. “The proliferation of betting shops, pawnbrokers and now 24-hour off licences in Hackney does nothing but cause problems for our neighbourhoods,” he said.

“These businesses thrive on people’s addictions and vulnerabilities, and they make vast amounts of money by targeting the poorest and most vulnerable from our communities.”

You can read the complete news on this in the Hackney Gazette here

Monday, 11 February 2013

Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum

Recent news reports in the Hackney Gazette and Hackney Citizen have accused the neighbourhood ward forum proposed for Stamford Hill of being a “front” for “Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors looking to build a power base”.

Lib Dems in North Hackney pointed out that they were in favour of the forum but only one Lib Dem councillor had joined the committee, and that was to represent his constituents. Councillor Dawood Akhoon had been elected as Vice Chair, but after the first founding meeting of the forum he had not been invited to attend any further meetings.

“We're in favour of local decisions being made locally” said Cazenove councillor, Dawood Akhoon. “I  joined the forum to represent all the people of Cazenove ward, with the agreement of my fellow councillors and colleagues in the party. Although I'm not happy that the committee is so heavily dominated by another party, it would be quite wrong not to be involved.  But I cannot continue to support them unless they involve me in meetings".

Councillor Akhoon added:
 “I will be just as happy to sit with any other forum that is applying or which is accepted by the Council.  The legislation is here and we cannot avoid it. It is important that the democratically elected councillors  involve themselves in the process and do not stand aloof.”

Lib Dem Councillor Abraham Jacobson added,
“There are real problems in this area which have to be addressed. Too many applications are refused and then allowed on appeal.  Some buildings allowed in the past should never have been built.  The Council's enforcement department is also far too weak, almost a joke. These forums are not ideal but they must accept anyone who lives or works in the area as members. I have been encouraging my constituents to get involved. It is only if all residents do so that we can make them representative of the whole community”

Recently there have been reports of separate forums being proposed to cover parts of the same area but with different aims.
Tony Harms, Lib Dem spokesman for Stoke Newington said,
“The proposed neighbourhood overlaps historic Stoke Newington which is still the main focus for residents' identity.  We are looking at the possibility of starting a neighbourhood forum on this basis but it needs established stakeholders to become involved and take charge. We have been looking at a number of projects in the area and are keen to hear from anyone, of any party or none, who is interested.”

But the Lib Dems also say that the proposed Stamford Hill Neighbourhood area is too large and the forum lacks democratic accountability
“There are serious problems with this Stamford Hill proposal” said Simon de Deney, chair of Hackney Lib Dems. “ The area is far too large for one small group to represent.   People are bound to believe, perhaps rightly,  that their area is being imposed on by an unelected and self-selected body.  And there are real problems with this Stamford Hill Group. Their constitution is vague and unprofessional and leaves a great deal unsaid. It's unclear how residents who are invited to join would in fact influence its governance or aims.

“What we would propose instead are directly elected community councils, similar to parish councils in rural areas, based on the 2014, Council wards . The councillors would be chosen in elections open to everybody.”
He called on the council to help implement such councils for which the legislation is already in place.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Deputation on Rectory Road Controlled Parking Zone

At Wednesday’s Full Council Meeting (30th January 2013), Cllr Ian Sharer introduced a deputation of residents from Hackney Downs ward protesting against the new CPZ in their area.

The residents told the council that the consultation had been unfair and badly run in a number of ways, including the fact that they were not told the cost of permits or the hours of operation for the zone until afterwards. Not only this, the council were reportedly advertising and selling permits for the new zone before the consultation was even over!

The council has so far refused to rerun the process, but Ian has offered continued support for the residents affected.

You can read about the residents fight in the Hackney Gazette here: 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cazenove Ward Roundup

Gerda Damaged Doors 

The Vyner Court Planning Application

Cazenove Pilot Recycling Scheme - To expand across Hackney

Cazenove Ward Forum - 04th March 2013 - See you there!