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Monday, 27 February 2012

OP Condor swoops across Hackney

Over last weekend, Hackney Police took part in one of the Metropolitan Police’s biggest operations of the year so far, targeting licensing offences, anti-social behaviour and drug offences.

Operation Condor began on Friday 24 February and utilized 247 staff, which included Hackney Police working in conjunction with various other Met officers, Hackney Council, Hackney Police Cadets and other local partners. It was repeated on Saturday with 121 staff being involved.
The operation lasted 48 hours and was conducted throughout London. In Hackney the team targeted the Shoreditch night-life area and other business areas across the borough. Officers and staff proactively targeted 127 licensed premises, including pubs and clubs, to check all aspects of their licensing conditions. They also targeted unlicensed mini-cabs, under age selling of alcohol, cigarettes and much more.
A taxi touting operation was also put in place in Dalston and drug search dogs patrolled outside train stations. Officers were seen patrolling on horseback and closure orders were issued to venues.

Hackney Police Cadets assisted police in checking for under age selling.

A search tent was constructed in Shoreditch, allowing officers to search suspects at the scene.

In Hackney, a total 70 arrests were made for offences including possession of drugs, taxi touting, persistent begging, theft of personal property, affray and assault. 68 bottles of counterfeit alcohol were seized and numerous breaches of licensing laws were detected, several of which may result in prosecution.

Inspector Ian Simpkins from Hackney’s Licensing/Problem Solving team, said: “Licensing laws are put in place to help protect us from danger and breaking them is not acceptable. We will do everything in our power to keep Hackney’s community safe from harm and continue to fully support the majority of businesses in Hackney which are well run and law abiding. However, we will continue to ensure that shops and supermarkets do not sell harmful substances, or alcohol to young people. In our pubs and clubs we will ensure that alcohol is sold and consumed in a responsible way and on our roads it means that vehicles, such as taxis are properly licensed and safe. Hackney Police remain committed to working with our partners to ensure Hackney remains a vibrant yet safe borough in which to reside, visit or socialise.”

Cllr Sophie Linden, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Crime said: "Our community safety wardens, licensing, trading standards, and
anti-social behaviour officers worked closely with police to develop
Operation Condor and to make it a success in Hackney. The scale of the
operation and the impact it has made sends a clear message to those
engaged in illegal activity that we're committed, equipped and ready to
take strong action against them.

"We've cracked down on a huge range of anti-social and illegal
behaviour and we want Hackney people to know that we're committed to
reducing crime further and to keeping Hackney safe."

If you would like to report any unlicensed activity in your area, or have any more information, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team or call police on 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111.