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Friday, 25 May 2012

Highlighting the experiences of victims of crime - Hackney Community College

This week, seven students from Hackney Community College presented Hackney Police with a film highlighting the experiences victims of crime have with police.

Police officer Pam Horgan, from Hackney’s Partnership Unit, contacted the college to see if she could work with the media students to make a film, for the benefit of new police recruits. Her aim was to depict how victims of crime feel they have been treated by officers, from when they initially report a crime, through to the final outcome. The initial impression created by an officer, can have a lasting impact on people. Pam wanted to demonstrate that what police do and the way they do it, can affect the lives of the victim, their families and their community. This impression and the affect it creates, can be either positive or negative; the perception created by that initial contact.

The students aged 19 to 21 are studying on the BTEC extended Diploma in Creative Media - specialising in TV and film. This is an advanced level, two year course. After taking the live brief (a real life assignment as opposed to training scenario) from Hackney Police, the students worked together as a group to produce a set of interviews which were professionally edited by them to create the film. The brief gave the students a real client, which in turn gave them valuable skills which they will be able to draw on in their future careers.

What did the students learn: "This was the first job with external clients that we undertook as a team. It's great for our CVs." "This was the first time we set up the studio with lighting for these types of interviews. It was a good technical experience" "I'm going on to study film at university and I want to specialise in documentaries - so this was a perfect introduction to that"

The students will be progressing to university after their course at Hackney Community College. Anna Johnson, Media Co-ordinator at the college: "This is the start of a new partnership, working together, creating resources within the community. It was also positive for the students to work with the police on this project, proving really valuable for challenging stereotypes"

PC Pam Horgan, said: “I would like to commend the students who took part in this project; their professional approach was excellent. I would also like to thank the people who participated in the film. Not only has this venture given me a chance to work with these young people, it has strengthened our partnership with the college. The film is of great quality and will be an excellent training tool for new police recruits to Hackney.”

In the group picture are:
Lade Odebode - student
Trainee teacher Jon Taylor
Abigail Olajide-Aluko - student
Rebecca Oshinnaya - student
Anna Johnson - victim of crime and media teacher
Mark Benjamin - student
Jamal Hashi - student
Lola - student
Anthony Joseph - victim of crime
Pam Horgan - Police officer
Richard Gillman - Police staff - Volunteer Manager