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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cazenove Ward Forum of the 06th March 2014 - Follow up - Traffic Consultation

Dear all,

Firstly, many thanks to those of you who attended the Ward Forum last Thursday evening.

The key focus of the session was on road safety and traffic management, specifically around the three roads Alkham, Kyverdale and Osbaldeston Road.

I hope that you found Chris Proctor’s presentation and Question and answer session useful.

Chris submitted a briefing – clicking here takes will take you to the agenda document for the evening which contains the briefing. This documented historical road safety interventions in the Cazenove Ward, and identified potentially achievable traffic management changes which might help tackle any issues remaining.

Working out which (if any) traffic management changes would be effective would involve Council officers carrying out intensive monitoring of traffic flow in the area. This would bring financial cost to the Council, and could mean that surveying work in another area was not done.

Chris therefore advised that to go ahead with surveying work in the area, the Council would need to be assured that there was a widespread view among residents living in the Ward, that issues existed, and that surveying was warranted.

At the Ward Forum there was, I think, very much a consensus of opinion that issues existed and the surveying work was necessary. However, to help us obtain a wider view, we have designed the online survey which is available via the link below.

Request for help
Can we ask that you complete the survey and also encourage as many other Cazenove residents to do so as possible. Also please let us know if we can post paper copies to any of you, which can be returned completed to the Council.

Next steps
During April we will look at the volume of responses received, and the consensus of opinion as to whether issues in the three roads exist and whether the surveying work should be done. This will be fed back to the relevant service area of the Council.

The next Ward Forum has not yet been scheduled – most probably this will be done after the elections in May.

However, we will send an update on the results of the survey during April, and advise of next steps.

Many thanks and we hope that you are all keeping well.

Your Cazenove Ward Councilliors

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